I am working with a Drupal 7 site; I have a vocabulary setup with an additional text field. On one of my content-type nodes, this is rendered as a drop-down select box with all the terms under that vocabulary. However, I would also like for the additional vocabulary field to be included as a data-country attribute. It is rendered rendered as follows.

<select id="..." name="..." class="...">
    <option value="145">UK8</option>

I'd like it to be rendered as follows.

<select id="..." name="..." class="...">
    <option value="145" data-country="United Kingdom">UK8</option>

Is this possible?


Unfotunately there is no way to do it using Form API. You need to involve some theming. Please check the following answer:


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    Hey Inamil, thanks for the reply and the SO link. I'll check it out and post back here. – Shalan Jul 29 '13 at 9:32

There is Form Options Attributes module wich adds support for the attributes.

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