I'm sure this applies to offices with multiple locations, but I am trying to create a site for a charity that runs summer camps. I was wondering how would you suggest I present the different locations?

I looked at gmaps and open layers (they may do what I want but I couldn't figure out how so easily, I don't want to have to enter coordinates because locations are changing often and I want to make it easy for new staff to add/remove locations). Ideally it would be good to either have a map with markers that users can click on to see details of the location or to list the locations and once they click on it it shows it in a map.

So I guess there's two questions: 1) What tool can help me present this data in drupal 7?; and: 2) What tool can be used to manage the data?


I've been using GMap + Location to accomplish this. The site I've been working on involves Apartment Communities spread out all over the place. I created a content type for apt_community which accepts location data (I only allowed an exact address but you can let the user pick a location on a map). Then I have a view that puts all the points on a map which I attach to a page.

Check this DrupalTherapy screencast on GMap + Location (http://www.drupaltherapy.com/gmap) and this other screencast Drupal Aficionado did on using GMap and Views (http://blip.tv/drupal-aficionado/gmap-location-and-views-1773822).

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    This tutorial is no longer on blip.tv. Does anyone know where it might be available? – Diggery Nov 19 '13 at 0:02
  • I too have the same question here Can you please explain in detail? I have already installed above two modules but looks very difficult for a newbie. Since it has lots of settings... – Ravi Joshi Apr 3 '14 at 16:46

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