I would like to add a form to the user account page, is there a specific way of doing this?

I guess this leads me to a large question: how can you embed forms in pages? I understanding using hook_menu & the drupal_get_form callback. But this creates a new page, what about adding forms to an already existing page.

I have a feeling the answer is here: https://api.drupal.org/comment/6679#comment-6679, but I can't seem to understand it. Anyone have any good suggestions or tutorials....


You can add user forms by creating a render array for the Form API and print render($form) in a custom template, but I would just use the Webforms module and include all elements in a Panel or View.

  • Where is the "drupaly" place to put the code for the render array? In the template file itself or in a custom module and call it from there?
    – RedRaven
    Jul 28 '13 at 13:41
  • A custom module would be the way to go, but either would work.
    – adam_bear
    Jul 28 '13 at 18:30

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