What is the easiest way to view current $form_state variables while working with #ajax?

Is there a way I can get dpm() to update automatically on each AJAX load?

If it matters, I'm testing AJAX on a Node Submit form.


Using dd($form_state); within the callback function works beautifully.

On linux you can tail -f /tmp/drupal-debug.txt to see the $form_state in real time. (Or whatever the temp directory for your site is set to, often something like sites/yoursite.com/files/tmp.)

Otherwise, you can find drupal-debug.txt in your systems /tmp/ directory. http://ratatosk.net/drupal/tutorials/debugging-drupal.html#dd


The best thing I've found: https://drupal.org/project/devel_debug_log

Part of/depends on Devel and uses ddl to output anything in kpr fashion at admin/reports/debug.

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    This module is really useful - thanks for the suggestion
    – Felix Eve
    Feb 5 '14 at 10:35

I was also having problems with finding a good way to debug AJAX with the Form API and found debugging with FirePHP to be the best solution:



You could also try with something like this, and looking into the response tab on FireBug:

function _exit($var) {

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