How can i wrap date elements in this function?

function theme_date_display_single($variables) {
    $date = $variables['date'];
    $timezone = $variables['timezone'];
    $attributes = $variables['attributes'];
// Wrap the result with the attributes.
    return '<span class="date-display-single"' . drupal_attributes($attributes) . '>' . $date . $timezone . '</span>';

I think i can call $date with some parametrs, but don't which. I want something like:

return '<span class="date-display-single"' . drupal_attributes($attributes) . '> <label class="day">'. $day. '</label> <label class="month">'. $month. '</label>' . $timezone . '</span>';

Hope this will help you,

In Drupal 7 you can use Custom Formatters module for your requirement.


  • Install and enable Custom Formatters and TOKEN module
  • Create you own format using admin/structure/formatters

    enter image description here

  • Use the available TOKENS

    enter image description here

  • Use TOKEN and HTML TAGS to create new format

    enter image description here

  • After creating the new format

    enter image description here

  • Use the new date format where you want to show

    enter image description here

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