How can I implement the most basic route in Drupal 8? What files do I have to write, and which classes do I need to implement?


Implementing the most basic route in Drupal 8 require:

  • The file containing the routing definitions (helloworld.routing.yml)

      pattern: '/helloworld'
        _controller: '\Drupal\helloworld\Controller\HelloWorldController::hi'
        _permission: 'access content'
  • A controller class that returns a render array or a string (src/Controller/HelloWordCOntroller.php)

    namespace Drupal\helloworld\Controller;
    class HelloWorldController {
      function hi() {
        return 'Hello world!';

This is the equivalent of what in Drupal 7 was a MENU_CALLBACK. Implementing a local task, or a local action requires other files to be added, differently from Drupal 7, where a local tab would be implemented using the same hook used for a MENU_CALLBACK.

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