I have a content type and a Text field 'Achievements'. Now it is set to Unlimited so every time when creating that content I enter an achievement per field. So then I have a nice list of achievements listed in separate divs where I can apply CSS and etc.

I made a view to list those content types including achievements fields and Views merges in all achievements into one view-field and makes a total mess and it becomes unlisted/unordered and no CSS cannot be applied because all divs and classes (even/odd) are gone.

It works fine via original node, but divs are stripped via Views.


If you are displaying fields, you need to configure the settings for multiple values.

From the edit screen for the view, select the properties of the field set to unlimited. Then scroll down and find the part that says Multiple field settings:

multiple field settings

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    Solved! Had to select Unordered list.
    – user13176
    Jul 30 '13 at 8:17

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