I have a page with 8 languages. Most of the content is translated and have a language assigned. But there is one part of the page, where I need language neutral content to show in each language.

If I create a language neutral content, it generates the "Language Neutral" path from the URL-Alias settings. This looks basically like the English path. Thats Ok. But it looks now for every language like the english path. Only the language prefix changes:


Is there a way to generate programatically URL-Aliases to this node for each enabled language?


I have found something similar for Taxonomy Terms where it creates a URL-Alias for each term in each language (Pathauto i18n Taxonomy). But I should have this for nodes.

How can I achieve this without creating each alias manually?

  • So you have 1 node and want to have 3 url aliases for it? Am i right? If yes, then let say url alias is generated from the title, how do you want pathauto to get translated title for other languages? Nov 25, 2014 at 20:19
  • finally do you found the solution? May 17, 2017 at 14:29

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You can use the Pathauto i18n module:

This module provides functionality to create aliases for each language. Also this module will be helpful, if you use field translation and you want show node on all language with paths, different from node/nid.


I think you probably want to use a block for that language-neutral bit. As an analogy - if there's a language-neutral image that should appear for all translations, then this isn't part of the content per se. The word 'content' can be confusing, particularly when you've got a multi-lingual site, and sometimes it's useful to only call it 'content' when it's something that can stand on it's own (an 'atomic unit of content').

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