I'm pretty new to Drupal and I'm also pretty sure this is a noob question.

I'm trying to build my theme, and in particular I'm trying to manipulate node output to the page, before using the View I simply implemented myTheme_preprocess_page hook and got the content doing $nodes = $variables['page']['content']['system_main']['nodes'];. From that I made all the needed modification.

Now, I want to order the node using the modification date (or whatever parameter) and the View module seems to do just what I want. The problem is now that in my preprocess_page hook I don't have an array of nodes, but all the markup coming from the node.tpl.php file (with missing field of course, because I haven't had the chance to make modification to the output), e.g. insted of $variables['page']['content']['system_main']['nodes'] I have $variables['page']['content']['system_main']['main']['#markup'].

What am I missing? Shouldn't the preprocess_page function return the nodes fro the database (as it did without using View) instead of the markup? Is there another hook I don't know about that allows me to do my preprocessing stuff?

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If you want to access modify date and render data so you can use hook_views_pre_render(&$view) $view->result to access result nodes.

and you want to change query condition the you can use hook_views_query_alter(&$view, &$query)

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