I have a number of products for which I would like to display the MSRP (with a line through it) and then the discount price (my store's actual price).

I do not want to actually discount the products; the "discounted" price is the real price in the system. Rather, I want to also show the MSRP (to show what a good deal my customers are getting). This is similar to what Amazon.com does (they always have the original price with a line through it, and next to that is the Amazon.com price).

What is a sane way to do this? Should I add another field of type price to products? Should I add that field instead to my product display content type? From the perspective of long-term maintenance, I'm not sure how to approach this.

Here's an example from Amazon:

amazon pricing example

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Use the Commerce Price Savings Formatter module.

This module is an extension of Drupal Commerce that provides a display formatter for the Commerce Price field which shows the amount of savings when a discount is applied.

enter image description here

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