I am using Views 3.

I have created my view and get these theme suggestions:

enter image description here

As you can see I created a --presse-page.tpl.php file bold marked in the second block. It works fine, but I need to style only the rows. So I created a views-view-fields--presse.tpl.php file, but if I rescan the theme, it does not appear.

Why not?


Your file should be called views-view-field--presse.tpl.php. field without an 's' not views-view-fields--presse.tpl.php file


check which theme you selected and make sure that same theme is affecting the page.enter image description here

And check filename present in the theme info and tempate filename are same also clear cache then rescan it. May be it helps.


You have to clear the cache when changing any template file

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