In the Quiz module, After each question that the user answers, it shows a page that have some information (such as: right or wrong, question, answers, etc.).

And in the last of quiz it shows a complete form too.

I want to change this, so that the form is shown just at the end and not after each question. Is there a template I should change or some other way I can change the normal module behaviour?

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I don't know enough about the Quiz module to say for sure but have you checked out the theme functions available for Quiz?

There is a theme function called theme_quiz_take_summary(). It has a form that it adds if the quiz is set to display_feedback. Maybe it's a setting for the quiz somewhere?

// Get the feedback for all questions. These are included here to provide maximum flexibility for themers
if ($quiz->display_feedback) {
  $form = drupal_get_form('quiz_report_form', $questions);
  $output .= drupal_render($form);

If you want to have your own version of that theme function you should place the whole function in your theme and replace theme_quiz_take_summary() with NAMEOFYOURTHEME_quiz_take_summary().

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