How do I get a development release of a module in the .make file of my installation profile?

I am writing this now to get the development release of better_exposed_filters.

projects[better_exposed_filters][version] = "3.0-beta3+31-dev"

When I run the .make file I get the following message:

Could not locate better_exposed_filters version 7.x-3.0-beta3+31-dev, will try to download latest recommended or supported release.

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I tried generating a Drush make file with http://drushmake.me/, and the generated file contained the following lines.

projects[jquery_ui][version] = 1.x-dev
projects[jquery_ui][type] = "module"
projects[libraries][version] = 2.1
projects[libraries][type] = "module"
projects[xmlsitemap][version] = 2.0-rc2
projects[xmlsitemap][type] = "module"

I think that in your case you should use the following lines.

projects[better_exposed_filters][version] = 3.x-dev
projects[better_exposed_filters][type] = "module"

That would select the development snapshot for 3.x; in the case you want to select the 7.x-3.0-beta3 version, then you should use the following lines.

projects[better_exposed_filters][version] = 3.0-beta3
projects[better_exposed_filters][type] = "module"

The make file needs to contain the following line, which select Drupal 7 as Drupal version to use. This alters the version used for the modules; for example, the following line used with the latter lines I shown, would pick-up version 7.3.0-beta3 of the Better Exposed Filters module.

projects[drupal][version] = 7
  • Is it possible to target a specific snapshot, instead of just always the latest dev version? E.g. I found that 3.11+11-dev does not work. But maybe there is another syntax?
    – donquixote
    Jun 2, 2015 at 23:47

If you need a specific dev version, you need to specify the Git commit ID on the branch you're looking for:

; Schema.org
projects[schemaorg][type] = module
projects[schemaorg][download][type] = git
projects[schemaorg][download][revision] = f860c7cc49e95d8420980d0dadd706172cc7955d
projects[schemaorg][download][branch] = 7.x-1.x

You can find the commit ID you need by doing the following:

  1. Surf to the project page.
  2. Click on Browse code repository.
  3. In the Branch section, click on the branch you want.
  4. From the "X.Y-betaZ+A-dev" string, find the Ath commit after the X.Y-betaZ release, and click on it.
  5. You'll find the ID in the commit row and in your URL address bar.

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