I have an interesting question regarding Views, Taxonomy and Contextual Filters AND Views->Filters

I have a content type Basic Page with additional field -> industry category (term reference, taxonomy).

There are multiple Basic Pages on the website but only 5 with industry category field filled in.

I have second content type Industry Page (Page Title, Body with additional field -> *industry categor*y (term reference, taxonomy), pointing towards the same vocabulary.

I have a view should display nodes of type industry page depending on the page you are in (The “basic page” with the additional field-> industry category.)

I need to do something with contextual filter to display all nodes of type “industry page” where the basic page->field industry category = “industry page”->industry category.

Can you help me with it, since I am a bit stuck.



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I think you are looking for creating a block of similar node by term with one more filter "another content type". There is a module to do this exactly but it doesn't have the content type filter in it. I will still recommend you to have a look at it - Similarterms.

You can achieving the same with view. Please look into the answer given at these links, it has been explained in details --


Recommend nodes based on current node field value in view block

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