Drupal doesn't call the theme function for my form in my module (error log: Theme hook wc_challenge_actions not found.). I found similar posts on stack exchange, but none of the solutions works for me.

Form declaration

    function wc_challenge_actions($form, &$form_state, weACT_Challenge $challenge) {
      $form['action_groups']['#tree'] = TRUE;
      $form['action_groups']['#type'] = 'fieldset';
      $form['action_groups']['#title'] = t('Action groups');
      $form['action_groups']['#theme'] = 'wc_challenge_actions';

      // rest of form definition, works correctly

      return $form;

Theme function

    function theme_wc_challenge_actions($variables) {
      drupal_set_message('The theme worked!');

      // rest

Drupal never calls this function... Any ideas?


You have not defined your theme function in hook_theme

 function yourmodule_theme() {
   return array(
     'wc_challenge_actions' => array (
       'render element' => 'element',
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  • In the end, this worked best for me: 'wc_challenge_actions' => array ( 'arguments' => array('form' => NULL), 'render element' => 'form', ) – Naoki Aug 9 '13 at 13:28

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