I've got a content type (Brands) and a taxonomy vocab (Product Type) with a few options, so you can "tag" a brand with a specific product type. Using Views I'm filtering my content on my pages depending on the taxonomy term.

I've got a Views block (I'm also using this block as a dropdown in my navigation with the Menu Views module) that lists all the brands tagged with a specific taxonomy term. What I want now is that this block also shows up in my right sidebar on all the pages that display content of 'Brands' and are tagged with a specific term from my taxonomy vocab.

Example (menu structure):

* Product Type A
  - Brand 1 
  - Brand 2
  - Brand 3
* Product Type B
  - Brand 2
  - Brand 4
  - Brand 5

If I'm on the 'Brand 1'-page, the 'Brands' list under Product Type A should show up in my right sidebar.

I can't filter using the 'normal' way since its the same content type, and the same taxonony vocab. And by the 'normal' way I mean using a URL pattern for the content type and then use contenttype/* on my block config page.

Sidenote: I'm also adding a class to my <body> using hook_preprocess_html() for all the brand pages. So all the brands tagged with Product Type A have a class of product-type-a on their <body> field. Is there a way so show/hide blocks depending on a class through code?


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You need to add two contextual filters to your view block:

Important: Use this block (override) for all these settings.

Content: Nid 

Provide default value: Content ID from URL

More:check: exclude.

This contextual filter will exclude Brand X from the list if you're visiting Brand X page.

Content: Has taxonomy term ID 

Provide default value: Taxonomy term ID from URL

check: Load default filter from node page, that's good for related taxonomy blocks.

When the filter value IS available or a default is provided:

Override title: Type here your block title using %1 for the first argument, %2 for the second, etc.

This contextual filter will list all your brands from current visited Product type

  • You're welcome. I'm glad I could help.
    – Jack-PL
    Aug 11, 2013 at 15:22

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