I want to set up a trial based account for an user who will sell his products. After he paid the payment, i will upgrade him to role seller.

Until his role is upgraded to role seller, i don't want to show add to cart button for the added products.

First of all how can i differentiate it to be a trail site for example. 30days until he pays, if not i want the role to be expired. How can i do it. Any suggestions will be helpful?

  1. Create 2 user roles: Trial Seller and Seller.
  2. Create a Rule.

The second question is another seperate task.

  1. Create a Rule:

    • Event: "Drupal is initializing"
    • Conditions: User is of role "Trial Seller" AND not "Seller" AND php "(Current_date_time - Account_Created_Date) > 30*24*60*60" (to see if the time from the user account date until now is more than 30 days, time in seconds) AND he has paid
    • Action: Remove user role -> "Trial Seller"

There is also the module Role_Expire that may help you.

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  • First task i did using form alter and hide those add to cart buttons. Second Task i used rules to do it. Thanks – Ram Aug 21 '13 at 10:47

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