I am new to Drupal and use Drupal 6 now. I have a site all built up and I want to just send a new member email template when he sign-ups. I don't want any other email templates for now.

I installed postFix on the server. I also use FB for Drupal module.

My Question is this: How do I send welcome email?

Please let me know steps, modules I need (if basic modules are not enough) etc.


The workflow for registering users can be configured at index.php?q=admin/user/settings. If this does not suit your needs, let us know how your workflow differs from what can be configured on that page.

I suspect you want to check the option Visitors can create accounts and no administrator approval is required. and uncheck the option Require e-mail verification when a visitor creates an account. The e-mail that are sent can be configured in the fieldset User e-mail settings and for some e-mails, you can configure whether to send them at all.

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  • Ok, now say I want to send an email template when a custom event occurs, such as on a site with reviews on other sites, send email when new review is added. How do I do that? – Ami Aug 8 '11 at 11:38
  • Use the Rules module. – Oswald Aug 8 '11 at 14:44

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