I have overridden Drupal's login process by calling a REST API which returns a 'true' or a 'false' depending on whether the login was successful or not. Once successful, I'm logging the user in by using a particular Drupal user account.

Would it be possible to change Drupal's Session ID to the one specified by the REST API call? Currently the REST API Call is giving me a JSESSIONID cookie and I was wondering if its possible to map this cookie to the one Drupal generates when the user logs in. Reason I need this is because I need keep track of this JSESSIONID to call other API methods related to the logged in user.

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You cant save off the JSESSIONID into the user attributes, eg data column, in D6 or D7. You simply do this in your code with:

$_SESSION['JSESSIONID'] = /* some value here */;

or wherever you call user_save() in your custom login you can pass $edit['data'] = array('jsessionid' => 12341234); from the user_save documentation:

$edit: An array of fields and values to save. For example array('name' => 'My name'). Key / value pairs added to the $edit['data'] will be serialized and saved in the {users.data} column.

it then becomes accessible from a fully loaded $user object as simply a field of the user ... $jsessionid = $user->jsessionid; and you can use it as needed.

  • \Drupal::service('session')->setId($jsessionid); Should also work. \Drupal::service('session')->getId(); to get the id.
    – DiDebru
    Jun 8, 2018 at 6:53

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