When I look at the code used for the method handling a RoutingEvents::DYNAMIC event, which receives a RouteBuildEvent object, I notice the code is always similar to the following one.

$collection = $event->getRouteCollection();
$route = new Route("$path/display", array('_form' => '\Drupal\field_ui\DisplayOverview') + $defaults, array('_permission' => 'administer ' . $entity_type . ' display'));
$collection->add("field_ui.display_overview.$entity_type", $route);

Since the RouteCollection class defines the RouteCollection::remove() method, would not removing routes from the collection be possible? I was thinking of removing a route to redefine it.


There is also a RoutingEvents::ALTER event, which runs afterward.

You can think of the difference between RoutingEvents::DYNAMIC and RoutingEvents::ALTER as similar to the difference between hook_menu() and hook_menu_alter().

There is a Views issue that discusses replacing routes, as opposed to removing and adding them, perhaps follow their example.

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