I want to load term fields in my application. Can I use entity metadata wrapper with reference to terms?


Yes. Like so:

$term_w = entity_metadata_wrapper('taxonomy_term', taxonomy_term_load(TERM_ID));

The first parameter is the entity type ID. If you visit MODULE_NAME_entity_info(), you can see the key of the definition will match the ID you need to load it.

  • If i used $term_w = entity_metadata_wrapper('taxonomy_term', taxonomy_term_load(TERM_ID)); its giving me error saying that property its not define. e.g $term_w->field_test->value() – Harshil Sep 13 '13 at 6:16
  • That worked for me, though. Try $term_w->getPropertyInfo() to see what properties are defined. – greg_1_anderson Nov 24 '13 at 3:39

Sam152 is right, but you don't actually need to convert the term_id to an object, it will work with just the term_id being passed as is:

$term_w = entity_metadata_wrapper('taxonomy_term', TERM_ID); 

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