My javascript executes on window load, resize and orientation change.

jQuery(window).bind("load resize orientationchange",function (e) {
//do something

This worked fine until I started using the views slideshow. My code runs before the slideshow. As it measures elements on the screen it doenst work properly. If I resize the browser (so the code re-fires) then it works as expected.

How can I make my code run after views slidehow has finished loading? I also need to re-execute the code every time a slide changes.


I faced the same issue many times (especially when I used lightbox2 module), you can use the theme_preprocess_views_view hook or one of Views template files and add the JS using drupal_add_js.

With your code

drupal_add_js('jQuery(window).bind("load resize orientationchange",function (e) {
//do something
});', 'inline');

Thanks :)

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