I'd like to create view page with contents added by the user. In that page, every user can see contents only added by him. How can I do it?


In your Views UI, at the right, expand "Advanced". Simply add a relationship of User: Author and then create a filter using field User:current and make sure you use setting logged on user

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You can do that by using Contextual Filter in views. Do this --

  • Under Advanced, add a new Contextual filter for Content: Author uid.
  • Choose Provide default value and select User ID from URL.
  • Under Page settings, set Path to user/%/myview.

When you navigate to user/1/myview now, you should see content from user 1. You can set it as page to be navigated from where ever you need.

  • I don't understand point Under Page settings, set Path to user/%/myview. – user19455 Aug 16 '13 at 18:08
  • @user19455 You will pass UID to the views by this % as we have mentioned in filter to get UID from URL. – RajeevK Aug 16 '13 at 18:13

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