I'm mid-versed in WordPress, but newbie in Drupal, developing a Theme from scratch. I started with page.tpl.php, then extended the design with a custom front-page (page--front.tpl.php). Then for a custom structure I made html.tpl.php, after heard about it from a Drupal geek. But I found no connection with it to the site and Shift+Delete it. And my site is down now.

To retrieve the site, I copied the page.tpl.php and renamed it to html.tpl.php. But till there is nothing but an alt text of my logo. I even can't get access to the /user, Clearing cache section. But cleared the browser cache with no hope.

Developing environment: WAMP 2.1, localhost

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Found a solution. An unconventional solution though!

  • Step I: I moved my custom theme from sites/all/themes/ to one step up (sites/all/). So the system cannot identify the theme in place. I got access into the Drupal.

  • Step II: I set "Bartik 7.22" as the Default theme.

  • Step III: Then moved my theme back to its place again.

  • Step IV: Renamed the file html.tpl.php to html.tpl.php.BACKUP.

  • Step V: Then reactivated and set default my theme in the Appearance.

It's live!

Reason: I think it's the Drupal cache. The process I followed was simply tweaking the caching in an alternative, but unconventional way.

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