i'm planning to create a form with the webform module on D7. i would like to be able to send via e-mail a link to that webform, but only those who receive that link (non-registered users) could access and fill the form. i don't like to expose the form to general public of the website.

i know how to do this with registered users, it would be straight forward with permissions, but don't know how to achieve this with non-registered ones.

what would be the way to do this?


You can do this by help of Deeplink module. Module page explains -

Sometimes you want to be able to give simple URL access to content that would not normally be available to a particular user (or perhaps someone not even registered with the site).

Deep link module allows the direct access to a specific item of content under certain circumstances and limitations. Such as one-off or time-limited deeplinks.


You can use Webform per Email module to send one time links to anonymous users via email.

This module implements a permit based access system to allow anonymous users submit a Webform only if they display a valid one-time access permit.

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