I am having trouble setting up free shipping on my Commerce project. I added the Free Shipping module, but when I go to configure, I don't have any options.

The shipping costs for all of our products are absorbed by the manufacturer (who also drop-ships the product, so we don't care about FedEx, UPS, etc). Therefore, I want to show a free shipping line item during checkout.

I installed the Shipping module (7.x-2.x-dev), and I don't see options to create Shipping Services or Shipping Methods.

How can I configure our store so all products are free shipping? I watched a few screencasts, but none of them seemed to apply to what I'm wanting to do.

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I use Flat Rate module to do the same. You can set free shipping with help of this module very easily.

Once you enable the module, navigate to Store->Configuration->Shipping->Shipping Method->Flat Rate.

You will find Flat Rate under Shipping Method tab. Click Add a flat rate service.

Add something kind of Free Shipping, give it Title, Display title & Base Rate as 0.

Now visit Shipping Service tab. You will find your added flat rate service in there. Click Configure Component & put any condition you like e.g. Data Comparison to commerce-order:commerce-order-total:amount for any amount.

Now When ever your condition matches, this Free shipping service will apply if you have put Shipping service in Shipping pane under Store->Configuration>Checkout settings.

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