Short Question :

  • is there a way convert all of one vocabulary taxonomy terms to one content type nodes ? And switch all term refrences in the database to entity references to the converted term/nodes?

Details :

  • A long time ago, I have made a website for music and i used the core terms for local singers and performers now i want to use entity reference for a better content control user interface.

    the website has one content type "Audio File" The content type fields are :

    • Audio file : file upload
    • Performer : term reference of vocab "Performers"

    The taxonomy term fields are -Vocab : "Performers:

    • Performer Name : title field.
    • Performer Portrait : Image upload field

the site is running and there is already more than 150 singers and over 1000 audio files. So doing this manually is almost impossible. I think i should use migrate module but i don't know how to use it and it seems very complicated !

Thanks :)

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    Your use case is uncommon, you will need to code it yourself I'm afraid.
    – Mołot
    Aug 21, 2013 at 8:09

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Export taxonomy using https://drupal.org/project/taxonomy_csv

Then use excelent https://drupal.org/project/feeds module and create node importer and map fields accoridingly.


I think there is not a "ready-to-use" waay to do this.

You could create a custom module. Supposing that you have already created and configured:

  • the new content type "performers" with all fields (with a field called "old id" there will have the "old" tid from the term
  • the "audio" content type with entity reference to Performers

you could create a module that:

  • get all terms from the vocabulary
  • for every term you create a node "performer", with values from terms and using the tid for the field "old id"

After this you could:

  • get all nodes of type "audio"
  • for every node you get the "tid" value of the performer and with views or entity_query_field search for the "performer" node that has "old id" = "tid"
  • assign the nid of the performer to the entity reference in "audio"
  • save the "audio" node

These could be the "logical" process of the module.


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