I was able to create sort links on views using better exposed filters. I configured the sort filter sin such a way so I have one link that is ascending and another one descending, based on post date. This works very well. What would be amazing is if I could have one link that toggles achieving the behavior of the previously explained sort links. So for example when I'm first looking at the view sorted by ascending date I would get one exposed sort link that would sort by descending (most recent ↓). Then when I would be looking at the view sorted by descending date I would only get one exposed sort link that would sort by ascending (most recent ↑).

So in conclusion I want to combine the two views sort links that I have: most recent asc and most recent desc into one link that toggles between most recent ↑ and most recent ↓

Is there a way to do this with jQuery for example?


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Right now, BEF doesn't have a lot of extra classes or IDs that would facilitate this. You could post a feature request in the BEF issue queue requesting the necessary additional markup that would make this fairly simple using jQuery.

At a minimum, you'd need some sort of "active" designation so you knew which link reflected the current sort options. Currently the active sort option is displayed as plain text (rather than a link) but there's an issue requesting the active sort be displayed as a link.

However, I should point out that I'll be out of town most of Aug and wont' be on the issue queue much... (I'm the BEF maintainer).

I'm always open to bounties! :)


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