So I have been working on an update to my site to allow users to log in via one-time login links when they receive a Private Message. Unfortunately, this kind of feature recently has been in the news as a security issue, so I want to make sure that I give users a way to opt out.

The one-time login links are provided by the Login One Time module. The e-mail notifications are provided by the Privatemsg module's PM E-mail Notify submodule, but ideally the solution would also work for e-mails sent by Rules, system e-mails, etc.

How I add the login link

In the PM E-mail Notify UI, in the body of the "You have received a new message" e-mail, I insert the following token:


and the whole link is:


This provides the user with a one-time login link that looks like this:

http://localhost:8888/en/login_one_time/1173/1377182743/RZCfB7uwKRB_bFVCeKPNwtOnDn2jFfGMO2FdaE_cpxI?destination=?edit[name][email protected]

(Note: the ?edit[name][email protected] part is a query string for the Prepopulate module which pre-fills the e-mail address on the login form in the event that the one-time login link has already been used.)

What I want to do

  1. Add a boolean field to the user profile, "Do not send me one-time login links in my e-mail."
  2. Somehow check the value of that field when sending e-mail notifications.

Is there a robust way to do this? Here is what I have thought of so far:

  • Instead of using Privatemsg to send the e-mail notifications, attempt to create the notifications in Rules. But if I do this, then I cannot use any of the nice Privatemsg configuration settings (such as allowing users to choose when they would like to receive e-mails, e.g. every time they receive a message, only once per sender, etc.)
  • I could somehow create a token that gives the one-time link if the user has not opted out or the regular link if the user has opted out. (I'm not really sure how to do this.)
  • I could hack the PM E-mail Notify submodule to do what I want.

Ideally, I want to do the following: if a user has opted out, I want to replace the one-time login link in any e-mail sent by the site with a link to the login form.

Note: My site is multilingual, and I am translating the e-mails sent with the site using the Variable and i18n modules. So, any solution needs to be robust enough to handle multilingual e-mails.

  • How exactly do you currently add those one time links? If you can explain that in more detail, it should be easier to expand that to cover this.
    – Berdir
    Aug 22, 2013 at 21:58
  • @Berdir Question updated. I am using the following token in the e-mail body: [privatemsg_message:recipient:login-one-time] Aug 23, 2013 at 2:03

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What I would do is define your own token.

Start off with copying login_one_time_token_info() and login_one_time_tokens() into a custom module, change the hook names and rename the token to something like login-one-time-optional or whatever you prefer :)

Then, change the implementation of the hook_tokens() implementation so that you check the field on the $account and use either the existing function or url('user/login', array('absolute' => TRUE)). Keep in mind that existing users users might not have any data saved in that field, so add a default value, you might want to put something like this in a helper function:

if ($items = field_get_items('user', $account, 'your_settings_field')) {
  return (bool) $items[0]['value'];
else {
  // Default to use the one time login link.
  return TRUE;

I think you should add the boolean field that you want to the user profile and then use hook_mail_alter or a similiar hook of the email module to check the value of that settings. (Make sure the value is added to the $user global so you could read it)

  • I could use hook_mail_alter to check the setting, but I still need to send the e-mail without the token if the user has opted out. Aug 27, 2013 at 0:39
  • You can also alter the mail content and replace the link with the token to a static link to the login form.
    – rreiss
    Aug 27, 2013 at 5:28
  • 1
    Or, even better, you can add either link (or no link at all) from within hook_mail. Aug 30, 2013 at 10:32

Try out this.

Create a menu path some thing like my-login/%user and let all my-login/%user/* paths handled by this menu handler (may be with custom module, panel with php code content)

prefix the url with my-login/%user so that it looks like my-login/[UID]/login_one_time/*

on the menu handler, load the %user and check the boolean, if allowed, direct the request to login_one_time/* the actual path, or show the login block.

*You can use the shorturl module tokens if that link looks lengthy.

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