One of our boxes is missing these Aegir-Drush commands (from drush help):

All commands in provision: (provision)
 backend-parse         Parse the output of --backend commands to a human readable form                                
 hostmaster-install    Install and verify the Hostmaster frontend.                                                    
 hostmaster-migrate    Migrate an instance of the Hostmaster front end to a new platform                              
 provision-backup      Generate a back up for the site.                                                               
 provision-backup_del  Delete a backup file.                                                                          
 provision-clone       Clone a site between platforms.                                                                
 provision-delete      Delete a site.                                                                                 
 provision-deploy      Deploy an existing backup to a new url.                                                        
 provision-disable     Disable a site.                                                                                
 provision-enable      Enable a disabled site.                                                                        
 provision-import      Turn an already running site into a provisioned site.                                          
 provision-install     Provision a new site using the provided data.                                                  
 provision-lock        Lock a platform from having any other sites provisioned on it.                                 
 provision-login_rese  Generate a one-time login reset URL.                                                           
 provision-migrate     Migrate a site between platforms.                                                              
 provision-restore     Restore the site to a previous backup. This will also generate a backup of the site as it was. 
 provision-save        Save Drush alias                                                                               
 provision-unlock      Unlock a platform so that sites can be provisioned on it.                                      
 provision-verify      Verify that the provisioning framework is correctly installed.                                 

We're able to log into Aegir via the web interface, but none of the commands work. The best we could tell, the install went fine. I think it might be related to these commands missing from our server.

How do I get these commands back? We were able to verify the Hostmaster platform with no problem.

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Have had similar issues with this in the past,

How many instances of drush is there on your server? In my case I had a drush 3.3 version in /usr/share/drush and the aegir 4.4 version (with provision and hostmaster commands) in /var/aegir/.drush

In order to get drush to work, I had to alter the path for the aegir user to include /var/aegir/.drush first

You can always tell which version of drush you are using by running the command

which drush

  • Haha, it was yet another "gotcha." Our setup has /home/aegir as the home directory, a RHEL quirk for keyless ssh to work, but all our files were in /var/aegir. Creating symlinks to the files in /var/aegir (including .drush -- we had missed this directory) in /home/aegir fixed this issue. Thanks again @wiifm.
    – KM.
    Commented Aug 2, 2011 at 20:50

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