I have the panels module installed. So I have two types of pages:

  1. Under the Create content/Page, the basic content type
  2. Under Site Building/Pages/Add Custom Page, the page with panels

So, I've used the Panel pages all over the place and everything is easy; however, for a particular project, I have some content-types that were based off the basic Page (example 1 above).

I need to figure out how to add a view to that kind of page. There is a lot of HTML with jQuery setup to allow for a custom tab system on one page: Click on a tab and via show/hide the appropriate content shows up and adds a hash tag to the url for deep linking.

I'm guessing I will select PHP code for the input format, but I haven't found the right snippet to include a particular View within all the HTML code that is already there.

I tried to just use <?php print $content; ?> within the div for the last tab of content to see if I could get something to render but it didn't show anything so perhaps this isn't the right way anyway?

Some notes

My view has four displays and I need to call the one "ISO 14001 docs" but, the view has an argument of "(Document) Content: Link" so that is probably why I have not been successful.

I've tried the following code, but I'm not getting anything and I'm not sure how to add that type of argument in this kind of call.

$viewName = 'sc_file_view';
print views_embed_view($viewName);

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You can use Views Reference module that will give you a cck to choose from selected views. This will use with each type of content.

For a same view in all content of content type you will need to create a template file node--type.tpl.php and paste your code to include the view.


To embed a view with PHP use the following:

$viewName = 'sc_file_view';
$displayId = 'block_3';
$viewArg = 1; // Your view argument goes here
print views_embed_view( $viewName, $displayId, $viewArg );

The display ID is usually something like 'page_#' or 'block_#', it would not be named "ISO 14001 docs". You can find your $displayId by reading this link: How do I get the display id of a view in Drupal 6?

  • Hmm, doesn't work for me. However, I just took out the $viewArg as my argument isn't a number; it's "Document: Content Link" and has the default "Node ID from URL" checked. Is that value needed to get output with this snippet? Sep 6, 2013 at 15:26

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