As an admin of a multi-site Drupal installation, I want to make module changes to all sites within that platform. On a regular basis, I want to disable/enable a set of modules to ensure consistency across all of the sites.

Using drush (any version 4.x, 5.x, or 6.x is acceptable), how can I perform this task without repeating the same command across each site?

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Drush has the ability to interact with each site within a multi-site installation via the @sites argument. Anytime you are within the directory structure of your platform, the drush @sites command will target all sites rather than a single/no site. In this way, any drush task can be accomplished across all sites.

Some concrete examples:

  • Disable the dblog (core database logging) and devel module on each site

    drush @sites dis dblog devel -y
  • Enable the speedy module on each site

    drush @sites en speedy -y
  • Change the admin theme for all sites

    drush @sites vset --yes admin_theme "ember"
  • Check to see if any sites in the platform have the cdn module enabled

    drush @sites pml --no-core --type=module --status="enabled" -y | grep cdn

These (and many more commands) work with any version of drush >= 4.x

  • After updating to Drush 8 I also had to specify the root path to the installation - --root=/c/path/to/drupal - otherwise running commands with @sites would crap out after the Continue? prompt. Bypass by adding this to aliases.drushrc.php file: $aliases['sites']['root'] = '/c/path/to/drupal'; Commented May 2, 2017 at 17:51
  • +1 for pml on all sites with drush @sites pml --no-core --type=module --status="enabled" -y | grep cdn and to point out that the -y is of outmost importance! Also note that the command does not need to be launched at the sites level but also in any directory within.
    – MediaVince
    Commented Jul 11, 2018 at 10:27

And also to add with above answer,

if you have 3 sites under sites folder. sites/all , sites/new , sites/dev and now assume "some_module" is installed and enabled in all 3 sites.

if you want to disable "some_module" only in "new" and "dev" sites

Step 1 : cd DRUPAL_DIR/sites/new

Step 2 : drush dis some_module

Step 3 : repeat Step 1 and Step 2 for dev sites as well

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