I am trying to check the type of multi value field is a field_collection_item or not inside computed field using this code:

$wrapper = entity_metadata_wrapper($entity_type, $entity);  
$fields_info = $wrapper->getPropertyInfo();  
foreach ($fields_info as $req_field) {

  if ($req_field['type']=='field_collection_item') {  
    //do something here

The if statement failed as $req_field['type'] returns list<field_collection_item>.

Any ideas?

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That's how an EntityMetadataWrapper stores multiple fields. There are only those two types, so just use

if($req_field['type'] == 'field_collection_item' || $req_field['type'] == 'list<field_collection_item>') {  
  // So something here

Or some variation on that.

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