Is there an equivalent of the ScrollText module that takes text from a RSS feed and shows it as horizontally scrolling text?

The purpose of the ScrollText is showing text taken from node titles as horizontally scrolling text.


What I am looking for is a module that does the same, but with text taken from a RSS feed.


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If you mean like a ticker, similar to what news sites have, then you can use the Views Ticker module.

This module provides new styles for Views module to display news tickers. A comparison of similar modules is available here: http://drupal.org/node/418616.

Available ticker styles:

  • Fade: Smooth transition between news titles, light and JQuery-powered
  • BBC Style: Display news titles typewriter-like (Only links)
  • Scroller: Display horizontally or vertically scrolling news titles
  • vTicker: jQuery based Vertical scrolling lines with options: pause time, speed, direction, items displayed
  • liScroller: jQuery based Horizontal scrolling lines with options Direction and Speed
  • This is very interesting, but I think the news items here are nodes that belong to the news site itself and not an RSS item coming from another site - don't you think so. Take this site for example; have a look at the second white ribboned scroll bar. It is bringing items from twitter or any other site with an RSS service.
    – Sarmad
    Aug 28, 2013 at 11:28

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