I am a Drupal Developer currently working on Drupal 7.15 multi domain site. In my site, I have already installed Domain module and configured the domains as:

  • Main domain - mysite.com (say 1st level)
  • Sub Domains - one.mysite.com, two.mysite.com, ... (say 2nd level)

Now I need the 3rd level Domains as:


But my control panel only has the option of setting this as one.subdomain1.mysite.com

Can any one help on this. Either how to configure the subdomain as of my requirement or else how to re-write the url?



The Subfolders Domain module sounds like it'll handle what you're after. Additionally, you may want to read through my blog entry about serving Domain Access-controlled sites from subfolders instead of subdomains.

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You can check the server side configuration.The sub folders module is for the purpose of sub directory multi sites configuration. And this will not be useful for this scenario I think.

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Frankly, there are many ways to achieve this. I am just listing a few that come to my mind.

  • Check out the settings.php, it has some info on this. I think using that and .htaccess we can achieve this.
  • You can also do this by configuring the Virtualhost in a way that achieves this type of setting for you.
  • I also have used services like pound, using which we can direct each request based on our requirement.
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