My client has a user field field_geolocation of type Geofield.

And he has a content type issue, he allows people to create new issues (kinda like in drupal.org but private).

What he wants is: When someone is creating a new issue, he should be able to to set/edit the field in his profile identified by field_geolocation.

My guess: create a custom module which does the following

  • Inject a widget for the user field field_geolocation inside the node add/edit form, prbably with FAPI
  • Use Node API to save the data collected previously into the actual user.

Did I guess right? Or any better solutions?

Thank you.

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You're on the right track. It should be a pretty straight forward thing to implement.

I would add a custom submit handler to the node form for your issue content type. Grab the submitted values for the geolocation field. Load the user using user_load(), if the value has changed, the update it and call user_save().

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