Is there a module that take a custom menu and show it like Admin menu?

I want to create my custom menu and then display it like admin menu (only for some roles).

I've tried some modules but:

  • Admin menu does not allow to select which menu should be displayed, and however I want to display default menu for Administrator and a custom menu for "editors" and other custom roles

  • Superfish or Nice menus does not allow to place the menu in top of page, like Admin menu does

Another solution could be a module that place a block in top of page, fixed, so I could use a "simple" superfish menu, but I have not find something like this.

The main question is that I can't use the "default" management menu, but a custom menu.


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You want Admin menu source. It allows you to configure each role with a menu as the source for admin_menu.


Webmaster menu generates a toolbar (aka dropdown menu) from a custom menu. Visible only to selected roles.

enter image description here

This module makes it quick to place a custom menu as a toolbar.

One use-case is creating an administration menu for the webmaster(s) of a site (a "webmaster" here means: the person actually working with the site - creating content etc). Common tasks vary from site to site, hence it is useful to be able to structure the webmaster menu to reflect the daily needs of the webmaster.


You can use Block Class Styles module:

  1. Create a menu block using Menu block, Superfish, Nice menus or similar.
  2. In Block Class Styles define style with:

    position: fixed;
    top: 0;
    z-index: 999;
    width: auto;
  3. Select that style for a block with your menu.

Same can be done with Block Class, if you are willing to provide CSS properties for fixed menu class in your theme or custom module CSS file.

Note: Admin Menu module sets width as auto, but it might require some adjusting with menus rendered by other modules.

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