I updated my drupal installation to 7.7 and now it keeps giving me an alert that the database schema needs to be updated for views and google analytics. I click on it and follow the onscreen instructions and there are NO errors, and the message is still there. Can I manually make sure the schema is up to date and deactivate the warning message?

  • You will need to provide more information to get any help. What alert? What directions? – keithm Aug 4 '11 at 15:36

The Schema module gives you a lot of different tools to handle your schema; for example, it checks whether your schema is in sync with your database.


Usually, what you have to do to update the database schema after core, module or theme upgrades is to call /update.php in your browser, as documented here:

    Updating modules: Run update.php

If you use drush, you can do the same with the following command as per the drush documentation:

  drush updatedb

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