I have a site with two different type of users: clients and anonymous users.

I'm currently building custom modules to handle a "client administration" section of the site, where clients are able to change their profiles, modify custom settings, etc. There is a section of the site "client" users are able to access, but regular users are not.

How can I restrict access to that section to only a particular class of user?

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If you implement hook_permission in your custom module, you can control the access of your client administration section.

  1. Set up roles. You've done this already with the client role.
  2. Implement hook_permission():

    function MODULE_permission()
        return array(
            'access client administration' => array(
                'title'       => t('Access Client Administration'),
                'description' => t('Allow users to access client administration'),
  3. When you define hook_menu(), make sure you set the permissions accordingly:

    function MODULE_menu()
        $items['client_administration'] = array(
            'title' => 'Client Administration Page',
            'access arguments' => array('access client administration'),
        return $items;
  4. Go to admin/people/permissions and set the permissions for 'Access Client Administration' to your client role.


Use hook_permission() in your custom module to define a new permission (e.g. "use module foo") and then assign that permission to the appropriate roles. Then check permissions with user_access() wherever necessary in your module.

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