I'm using a very minimal custom theme for the website, but Bartik for administration.

Node Gallery plugin adds tabs to the Edit Node page (e.g. node/46/edit): "Manage Items", "Sort items" and "Upload new items". When I click on them, the custom theme is used instead of Bartik. I suspect this is because these pages weren't properly flagged as admin pages, or something like that.

How can I make Node Gallery use administration theme for its custom tabs?

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Generally, to declare a path as an admin path (and thus one that would open in the overlay/use the admin theme, etc.) you need to declare them using hook_admin_paths.

If this is the issue (I don't know Node Gallery, so I can't be more precise) the best would be to implement hook_admin_paths in the Node Gallery module and submit the patch on the Node Gallery issue queue.


Do you have Bartik (your admin theme) not being used just for the extra tabs provided by Node Gallery? Or it not being used for the regular node/edit pages either?

If it is the later case and you are on Drupal 7, you can goto admin/appearance and at the bottom of the page set your 'administration theme' and check the option to use it during content editing.

Setting the content editing theme for Drupal

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