I am on drupal7. I am trying to list all the terms of a vocabulary in a view. However the Taxonomy vocabulary has multilevel categories and subcategories.

Is there any module to Show the list in a view so that Initially Parents will be displayed, then when hovered or clicked on parent all its child terms are displayed, if hovered or clicked on child its sub-child are shown.

I want to display the list in the sidebar first or in the header part of the front page .


Similar to the style how categories in Flipkart are displayed.

Any help!

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    You should check taxonomy_tree_select and hierarchical_select modules .
    – harshal
    Sep 6, 2013 at 5:49
  • Though taxonomy_tree_select is not released for Drupal 7, there is another module drupal.org/project/term_reference_tree Thanks @user13198 thanks a lot . I will try this
    – Ramaraju.d
    Sep 6, 2013 at 5:55

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Taxonomy menu module you are looking for and also you can integrate with views, See the demo here

  • Custom Menu per vocabulary
  • Uses the default taxonomy term path or custom paths
  • Integrate with Views
  • Integrate with Pathauto: use URL/path aliases
  • Does not interfere with other menu modules

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