I’ve a question regarding some of my blocks which I’ve made in views (using Drupal 6 and Views 2). One of the users on the site is the sites “manager” and so this user of cause writes a lot of posts, comment on a lot of posts and “likes” a lot of posts.

In some of my blocks I display the most contributing users and this “manager” is almost always on top of the list and I would like to display the most contributing users, but “ignore” this user.

My views are very simple and basic created. For example in one I list the most commenting users right now (that be, the last 24 hours) and I sort according to the comment count. In this example, how do I “filter” out the one user?


- Mestika

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In your view filter out the user:

  1. Add relationships: Node revision: User
    Label: user
    Require this relationship: (checked)
  2. Add filters: User: Name
    Relationship: user
    Is not one of: manager
  • Thank you so very much Jan, it works perfectly. This is a nice snippet to save and you saved me a bunch of work trying to figure out a solution.
    – Mestika
    Commented Aug 4, 2011 at 12:49

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