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When installing a new language, the Localization Update module downloads the necessary (.po) files from Drupal's localization server. However, is there a way to specify where a module should download this from?

This shouldn't be for ALL of the modules, but only a package of modules or just one single module.

Is there a hook, or some sort of info configuration we can place in the module's .info file?

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You can specify an alternative source for translations in .info file in different ways:

l10n server = http://example.com

l10n url = http://example.com/path/to/l10n_server.xml

l10n path = http://example.com/path/to/%core/%project/%project-%release.%language.po

If your localization server is based in l10n_server module, l10n server is enough.

If you're not using l10n_server but a custom solution, you may want to provide l10n url key with the url to a custom-build xml file to inform l10n_update about where to get translation updates from.

Lastly, if you're not using l10n_update and you're not planning to generate such an update xml file, you can pass the path to the .po file with l10n path, you can use some placeholders in this path, as shown above.

For more information, see l10n_update's README.txt and docstrings for l10n_update_build_projects().


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