I have an app that has a front end in tons of custom AJAX and fancy JS controls.

These controls all pull from URL which return JSON in a specific format.

I would like to remove all the selection code from the existing system and integrate with drupal:

  1. Can views be linked to tables which are not directly managed by Drupal?
  2. Can Views have their output overridden to support JSON instead of HTML?

I have googled and found a few projects but none seem to be very active -- I am using D7 maybe D8 for this project :)

Any pointers, hook suggestions, etc?


After using hook_views_data() to declare your custom tables/fields, use a custom Views handler to override or reformat the output.



Can views be linked to tables which are not directly managed by Drupal?

This is done by the data module - here is a heads up.

Can Views have their output overridden to support JSON instead of HTML?

Install the views datasource project, then enable the views_json module. This outputs the view fields as JSON. You set the output format to JSON, configure it, and all fields are outputted as JSON:

Views Datasources JSON settings

Take care to uncheck views api mode if you simply want a JSON file.

Add a path to the new 'page'-type display, and you will see the JSON output.

For me it was somewhat limited, since I you can't change the field names (only hide them). Maybe you have a solution?


Module Forena can be used to query (not update) any MySQL database table. And Forena can be used as a views style. So the combination of these 2 Forena features should perfectly address the 1st part of the question.

For more details about Forena, 2 types of documentation are available:

  • Community documentation.
  • Documentation that comes with Forena, which you can access right after install and enable of the module. Checkout the demo site for an online example of the current:

    • Forena documentation - use the link 'Reporting documentation' or visit relative link /reports/help.
    • Forena samples - use the link 'Reporting samples' or visit relative link /reports/samples (these samples are fully functional, so make sure to experiment a bit with it, such as the drill downs available on the SVG Graph sample).

The newest 7.x-4.x version also includes an amazing (I think) UI for either creating your reports (the WYSIWYG report editor) and/or for creating your SQL queries (the Query Builder).

Here are some variations of the mysql database part in the question:

  1. Using a SQLite instead of MySQL database: the Forena samples actually get shipped including a (Tiny) SQLite database. Go check it out in the demo site: the data shown there are data contained in the sampledb, which is in SQLite format.
  2. Forena comes with a full suite of Supported database connections ... such as MS SQL, Oracle, Postgress or any PDO compliant variation.

Enough reasons for considering giving Forena a try? While doing so, use it's issue queue for any type of support/docu requests you may have.

Be aware: I'm a co-maintainer of Forena.

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