I have basic content type setup (No commerce or ubercart) which display price as a text field and that value has been used in 5 computed fields.

Now i like to make that price field in drop down option with 4 different currency and when user change the default currency it should also change the computed field values as per selected currency along with their suffix.

Is it doable? If yes please advise how. Thanks in advance.

  • 1. Doable 2. Change the field price from text to select list 3. hook the node form using hook_form_alter() 4. Add '#states' property of FAPI. Other way can using be using conditional_fields, to avoid custom FAPI implementation. – arpitr Sep 11 '13 at 4:45

Money field

This module defines the "money" field. It uses the Currency API, which is included in the Currency module, to get a list of existing currencies and their symbols.

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