I have created an installation profile. On one page i have added block using user_login_block form.

Now on the page there are other blocks also present.

Now when i submit the form without username and password, it should show me the form error, but it shows this message on next page reload.

I have checked $message variable is printed on the page also.

When i write any wrong password and try to login it will not show wrong username password message at that time, but when i reload the page second time at that time message will appear.

Has anyone faced such kind of situation. ?

Thanks in advance..

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I successfully managed and fix it. The code i was using to display the login block was as below

print drupal_render(drupal_get_form('user_login_block'));

This block used to generate the login block for the login functionality.

Now i tried to render the messages using theme_status_messages() function.

To fix the issue i created a function in my template.php file named THEMENAME_get_login_block().

In this function i added the theme_status_messages() function for the displaying the messages. So my function looked like given below.

function THEMENAME_get_login_block() {
    $form = drupal_render(drupal_get_form('user_login_block'));
    $messages = theme_status_messages();
    return $form.$messages;

And to render the block i used print THEMENAME_get_login_block();

This solved my problem. But still i am curious to know the root cause of such kind of events. Any suggestions are welcomed....

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