I have users that have profiles using Profile2 module. I created a content type called Projects. A user can add a project, it has fields: title, description, and file. I would like to add a view to the users profile page that lists all of their Projects.

How can I connect the profile to the content author and use a contextual filter to get only that users content when viewing their profile?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Edit: An example to clarify: If user1 is logged in and views his profile he will see a list of his projects.

If user1 views user2's profile he will see a list of user2's projects.

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In the views UI

  • Your view must be a view of nodes
  • Then, add a relationship with the node's author (the relation is: Content: Author)
  • Then, add an other relationship : select user and check profile. Then you can use the profile node in Contextual filters or Filter criteria. The technic part is that it is a relationship of relationship ;)
  • I want to filter on the current profile being viewed, not the current user logged in.
    – Dan
    Sep 11, 2013 at 14:40
  • other help : drupal.stackexchange.com/questions/85156
    – pico34
    Sep 11, 2013 at 14:48
  • I set up the relationships you suggested, but used Author ID as the contextual filter criteria, and it works nicely. Thanks for the help.
    – Dan
    Sep 11, 2013 at 16:51

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