I understand that on an image field, you can create a image style. However, I have a field which is a url and I use that url in a template to produce a picture. Is there any way for me to use the image style ui to style this?

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Try using the Imagecache External drupal module: https://drupal.org/project/imagecache_external

In your template file you could then call (from the drupal project example) and replace 'path' with your path from your url field:

  print theme('imagecache_external', array(
    'path' => 'http://larsjung.de/h5ai/sample/screenshots/h5ai-v0.7-icons.png', 
    'style_name'=> 'thumbnail'),

Insert Module will support for all major WYSIWYG editors, including tinyMCE, CKeditor. You can choose image style before upload.

Insert is a utility that makes inserting images and links to files into text areas or WYSIWYGs much easier. It adds a simple JavaScript-based button to FileField and ImageField widgets. When used with ImageField and ImageCache, images may be inserted into text areas with a specific ImageCache preset.

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