I am building a content publishing website. There are users with different roles editors, authors, content managers. There are many users with each role. Now what needs to be done is to assign a node to a specific user with a role as an editor or you can say to a specific editor.

I am using workflow module which puts the article to a review state once it is submitted. Now what it does is it allows all of the user with a role as an editors to edit and review the node. But I want that it should only be assigned to one editor and that should be done by the content manager.

I can not get my head around how should this be done. Are there any modules available or I would need to write something myself?

  • Have you looked at the Workbench module and its submodules?
    – Triskelion
    Sep 14 '13 at 15:45

I haven't test it, but the module's description seems to match your needs:


Otherwise it can be done with a custom module: add a field "authorized editor" of type user reference to your content type, and then use the node_access function to grant access to the update operation to the user who is currently trying to edit it.

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