I'd like to grant users User Points when their added content of the content type 'Content', which is unpublished by default, is published. I tried this with the Rules module: - Event: After saving new content - Elements: * Content is of type: Content * Content is published - Actions: Grant points to a user

So, when a user adds 'Content' content, they don't get any User Points and their content is unpublished. My idea was that they'd be granted the points after I - as moderator - had published their content. But apparently, they don't get points after I've done that with the rule I set up. What did I do wrong and how can I solve this?

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I solved my problem by doing this:

  1. Create flag and give flag name as Publish node and grant points to user
  2. Add new rule with event A node has been flagged, under "Publish node and grant points to user"
  3. For actions publish this node and grant points to user use this data selector: flagged-node:author

Special thanks to oneng on Stackoverflow!

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